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NHS Phlebotomy Training Courses London
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NHS Phlebotomy Training Courses London
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Dear Maxis Healthcare team,

I would like to say big thank you for a fantastic training. It was very informative, very well presented, plus enjoyable. I have learned so much from your training that will assist me in my workplace.I came away from the training so confident and it really does help when working with patients. I have taken many things (professionally and personally) away from the training.I could clearly see that Gwen was passionate about the subject and it reflected in the quality of teaching.


London, 10th November 2016

Dear Dr Shahbaz,

I wanted to thank you for yesterdays live bloods session day. The phlebotomist who you arranged for me, was absolutely amazing. Sorry I cannot remember her name but I think it was Rani, (apologies I'm not sure). However it was a good day and she made it all appear so easy. Although I am a registered nurse but I was never confident in taking blood as much as I am now after going through this amazing training. I am thinking you for all your help and support. Many thanks

Yours sincerely,
Theresa Chesworth

London, 4th December 2014

Respected Dr Cheema,

I had my first live session today with Yasmin at the Somerset road family health care practice and she asked me to email my feedback. Today was an absolutely fantastic experience, in fact at the end of the session I didn't want to leave. Yasmin made me feel very confident and relaxed and I now feel 100% more prepared to but my skills into action. She explained everything really clearly incorporating both the theory and practical aspects of blood taking allowing me to really consolidate my learning. Yasmin is so friendly and supportive it takes the pressure of and make the whole process much easier. Yasmin was also very good at pointing out and explaining where I went wrong so that I can work to improve my techniques and discussing my faults with me so I felt I had an understanding rather than just being criticized. So thank you for a wonderful learning experience

Yours sincerely,
Forrester, Sarah

Dear Dr.Shahbaz A Cheema,

The lessons are very rich in information, much updates and a pleasant way of giving the information.

Thank you
Gracy Faneyte

Dear Dr. Cheema,

Just a quick reminder: in September 2012, I attended a phase 1 course, then in October 2012, booked phase 2.... November 2012, I needed to reschedule, due to family losses, and on December 5/6, 2012 attended a two day clinic with your trainer, Jasmin, who certified me as a phlebotomist. I apologize for the amount of time between then, and now. Our family has been struggling through influenza, and various infections, as well as legal matters related to losses of family members. The certificate arrived approximately in the second week of December, and my deepest apologies to not only yourself, but to my fantastic trainer, Jasmin. Her suggestions, strategies, and explanations all paid off when I heard that I had been certified as a Phlebotomist. Just to update, I will mail the feedback, and am still curious about be NVQ 4 course. Many heartfelt thanks

Brooke Pugh

Dr Shahbaz A Cheema

I finished my practical training phlebotomy yesterday, thanks DR Shahbaz my wife khadro she also will finish tomorrow, Yasmin she gave me a good training, she is really trainer I could say to her very good person and honest Masha Allah. Many thanks to her, for you Dr Cheema thank you very much you gave us very good discount and for that. We will tell all our friends do so, when did you send me my certificate me and my wife we are looking for a job and send E lessons abdirahman ali


Dear Dr. Shahbaz,

I am highly humbled for professionalism towards Phlebotomy course objectives. It has been quite an experience and would assist my humble-self towards career development along the medical section.I look forward toward longevity within this profession, God-willing. My name on the certificate should be OLALEKAN OYEFESO, notice an error on the scan certificate issued via by email as Olalekay Oyefeso.It is a minor human error brought to your attention.I look forward to your response

Kind regards,,
Olalekan Oyefeso

Dear Dr Cheema,

I completed the live blood draws today and thoroughly enjoyed the experience.
I was pleasantly surprised as Yasmine was brilliant. I feel I was fortunate to have such an enthusiastic trainer like yasmine, as she did not only made me feel welcome but was patient and very supportive. She has a real passion for what she does and it really seen through her teaching.
Furthermore I would also like to express my gratitude to yourself and James for all the information you’ve provided and your prompt response to any queries that I have ever had.

Thanks again

Hi There,

I have completed my training with you and I am starting work with an agency as a phlebotomist after Christmas as well.Thank you for your excellent course and wish you a merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Stephen Dobson

Dear Dr Cheema,

Hello how are you? Just to let you know I am working as a phlebotomist at the Norfolk and norwich hospital have a good Christmas and new year.


Dear Dr Cheema,

I am very pleased to have my phlebotomy training with Maxis Health centre. It was really great!
On Friday 21st December, I had my first live blood session with Yasmine. She is superb and a brilliant trainer! I learnt so many things from her and she really made me feel confident while taking blood.
Thank you

Best wishes
Dr Parwiz Daud

Hello, Dr Cheema, Dear James and all the team in Maxis Healthcare

Wish you all a Happy New year 2013.
Thank you so much for your help and training in the Phlebotomy Course. The knowledge I acquired from your training course has allowed me to get a job, and now I feel happy because I can be useful person for the society.
Thank you and keep on being so professional, humble and nice persons – all at the same time!

Victor Hugo


I just wish to give some feedback on the training I received on 3rd and 4th of January.
I thoroughly enjoyed my learning experience and am very grateful for this overall.However I found the training from Yasmine more comprehensive than from Rupal. I found Yasmine informative and she explained a lot more to me regarding technique and mistakes I may have made, but I still found Rupal put me at ease just in a different way.
I feel that the training went well and enjoyed it very much and have learnt a lot , particularly from Yasmine.
I hope you find this feedback helpful.

Kind Regards
Jemima Hassan

Dear sir,

This is Oliur Chowdhury I just have done my phlebotomy course part B. My trainer Yasmina said I passed my course.
She is really polite and very good trainer though. I am really happy to work with her as She gave me the easiest way to learn about all this.
Thank you very much, have a nice time sir .

Regards ,
Oliur Chowdhury

Dear Doctor Cheema,

This is Dupe Joseph. I have completed my phlebotomy practical experience at sunrise medical centre. I am very happy and grateful for everything. I would like to come and collect my certificate as soon as possible. Please doctor cheema I am really desperate for a job.
Please let me know when to come for the collections.

Best Regards,
Dupe Joseph

Dear Dr. Cheema,

Thank you so much for organizing the live blood sessions for me to attend at hospital.
I can honestly say that the pratical element of the course Live bloods session was excellent and Yasmina was without a doubt one of the best instructors I have ever had. She is really interested in teaching her students, she is calm and competent and encouraging to students. She put me at my ease the moment I met her and is a great asset to Maxis Healthcare.
Question and answer sessions were good. The numbers were also smaller. (Max of ten people). The live blood session on fellow students on the Monday with Maxis Healthcare (I was in Michaela’s group) was good and she was very calm and encouraging giving her group a perfect instructions and feedback.
In the end, with my hand on my heart I would recommend the course to anyone interested in phlebotomy and I enjoyed the course alot.
I wish you all success for the future courses.

Pamela Furphy

Dear Dr Shahbaz A Cheema,

Thoroughly enjoying my E-Lessons. Easy to follow step by step instructions .Very methodically and find it really informative.
Thank you very much,

With Best Regards,
Dorothea Stokes

Dear Dr Shahbaz,

Thank you so much for the training course that is given to us. Now I have got confident to taking the blood. The trainer has been so kind and taught me very attentively, thanks to her tòo.


London, 8th July 2016

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  • Vigrita Bisha Writes:
    Hello Dear Dr Cheema,
    I Hope you're doing well. I would like to thank you very much for the Phlebotomy Course and Training and for making a Refree for me. I have got a job as a Phlebotomist in NHS and I'm very happy! I appreciate a lot your help, and will recommend The MAXIS HEALTHCARE anyone who is interested to do a phlebotomy training courses that I know or get in touch with. Kind Regards
    Vigrita Bisha
  • Hi Dr Shahbaz:
    Dear Dr. Shahbaz,
    Thank you for all your support. The course is totally excellent. The course tutors are excellent. I will recommend the course to other personal fitness trainers who want to become Phlebotomists.
    Kind Regards
    Personal Fitness Trainer 10th Feb 2020
  • Dr. Nada Mustafa wrote:
    Der Dr.Cheema,
    Alot of thanks to you for really beneficial training you have,I feel very happy to get back to medical field while I'm preparing to register in GMC . I will recommend for all doctors looking for a work during their studies. Thanks
    Dr.Nada Mustafa
  • Dr Michael Johnston wrote:
    Hello Dr Cheema,
    I hope you are well. I was impressed with the course that you organize, the both location are very clean and tidy, the staff is very helpful and specially Jasmine.She is very professional although I have many years of experience from Colombia but I have learnt a lot of new techniques with Jasmine.I am very glad that I have met you and your stuff who are extremely focus in details, as Jasmine was with me yesterday. This course, I will recommended to any one in health department and also to people who already are phlebotomist, come for the refresher. Now definitely I will use the new technique.
    Kind Regards
    Dr Michael Johnston
  • Jan Arblaster says:
    Hello Dr Cheema,
    I had received your e-Lessons and find them very interesting. I would like to ask you a question regarding my age. At the moment I am 62 years
    Thanking you in anticipation
  • Norma Donnelly Says:
    Hello Dr Cheema,
    Hello I hope you are well and you don't mind if I provide you with some feedback, and I would also like to make a request. I really enjoyed the live blood sessions and found that although both of the trainers were very nice, Dr Hannah definitely instilled me with much more confidence. Rupal was very nice but I didn't get the same amount of information and direction that Dr Hannah delivered. After my session on Friday with Dr Hannah I felt really confident and trained as I should have been. I would have preferred to have Dr Hannah for both sessions and feel I would have benefited much more from her training style. I feel like I have reached a competent level but would definitely feel happier if you could let me spend one more session with her to bring me forward to where I feel I should be? I hope you don't mind me requesting this, I feel like I learnt my technique only on the second day so I would like to build on this and also build my confidence.I look forward to hearing back from you.
    Kind regards as always Nicola E Hall
  • jimoh kehinde Says:
    Hello Dr Cheema,
    I am finding your E lessons quite interesting and informative. Looking forward to my course in July and will be contacting the office sometime next week on how to pay my fees.