NHS Phlebotomy Training Courses London
NHS Phlebotomy Training Courses London
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NHS Phlebotomy Training Courses London
Phlebotomy Training Courses
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Venepuncture/Phlebotomy - Phlebotomist Training In London
Why should you consider a career in Phlebotomy?

There are numerous reasons why you should need to gain this energising range of abilities and skills.

At present there is a shortage of good, qualified phlebotomists in the United Kingdom. The properly trained , certified competent phlebotomists are required all the times to work for NHS or in the private sectors.

Thanks to Maxis Healthcare Phlebotomy Training Provider, training has never been easier to acquire the knowledge and experience you need to become a phlebotomist. Maxis Healthcare's graduates have gone on to work in Phlebotomy related fields in both the NHS and the private sector. We have trained many candidates in healthcare fields such as doctors, nurses, paramedics, healthcare assistants, staff in GP surgeries, laboratory technicians, hospital admin staff, peoples working in sports fields and also in gyms and so on. We have also trained many people who are new to healthcare and want to work as a phlebotmist in the United Kingdom.

Let me ask you:

It is safe to say that you are sick of working in a similar exhausting, personality desensitising employment? Would you like to enhance your vocation and business openings? Would like to improve your employment and career opportunities?

On the off chance that the response to the above is indeed, we at Maxis Healthcare will have the capacity to give you the best possible Phlebotomy preparing that you have to take your medicinal vocation to another level with genuine prospects.

Adding phlebotomy to your skill set that allows the opportunity to play a positive role in the health of an individual as blood investigations are a vital part of your treatment and monitoring.

As a phlebotomist, you will get the chance to cooperate with various sorts of intriguing individuals (contingent upon your workplace) that may incorporate medical caretakers, doctors , nurses , laboratory staff and various specialists and research centre staff etc.

You will also become a vital part of the healthcare team.

Notwithstanding all that, your phlebotomy preparing can be a venturing stone to facilitating yourself in any medicinal services division as you seek after extra preparing on your way to a confirmation/Certification /diploma and even degree.

It is likewise imperative to take note of that the well being part is one of only a handful couple of retreat verification territories of the UK economy with occupations constantly accessible in numerous areas … including phlebotomy.

Lets Have a Look at Maxis Healthcare’s Graduates True Testimoinals:

Hi it’s Sharon just to let u know that I had the most amazing morning ..the trainer was brilliant and I felt comfortable and at ease..27 live blees all amazing .. Also completed my e learning too ..thank you was well worth doing now to put to practise, and find somewhere. Thank you Dr Cheema, Sharon Taylor

Hi I am Gwendolyn Anderson , I attended Maxis Healthcare's two days Phlebotomy Training for the beginners. I really enjoyed and it was a lovely atmosphere.

Gwendolyn Anderson – graduated August 2014


Dear Dr. Cheema, This a courtesy email to thank you for arranging the best phlebotomy training and live blood sessions with real patients in outpatient department for me. I am pleased to say that the sessions went very well and the trainer Dr Volodymir was very helpful for the entire session. I will definitely take his recommendations and good practices that I've seen and learnt and apply them in my own practice. I wish to thank both of you once again. Best regards, Iulia- graduated February 2018

Hi I am David and I am a nurse at Royal London Hospital, I took one day intensive Phlebotomy training course. The Course was well structured and well planned and informative.

I cannot thank you enough for a most fulfilling trip this weekend. It has been worth every penny of the fees and more.

I had a nice working experience today at the medical centre. The trainer was as nice as you had said she would be. There were at least 16 patients for tests today and I found it easy working with her. She thought I did very well and exhibited some useful skills from my training. She provided very useful insights. Worthy experience and I’m glad I didn’t disappoint you.

Dr Victor – graduated May 2011

Thank you very for helping me with the course i was extremely happy with it and all the staff were amazing and friendly i couldn’t have asked for a better place/company to use.

I will be recommending you to friends and colleagues.

I sincerely appreciate all the extra time u put in to explaining stuff and making sure i understood everything, and I must say my clinical experience was fabulous with the teacher/examiner – she was strict and to the point but always gave me confidence and encouragement.

C Krawczynski – graduated June 2011

Great Seminar …

“Just a quick thank you for a great seminar and training I found the information and method of delivery to be excellent.” –

Dawood Shariff

It Will Definitely Help Me …

“A fine course, the material was good, and I feel it will definitely help me to move forward in my career path. All the trainers were very helpful and knowledgeable.” –

Joseph Matunga

Definite Investment In My Future …

“I will be recommending you to my colleagues, a definite investment in my future. The course material and especially the dummy we practiced on was great. I am considering Phlebotomy as a career path and this course has moved me in the right direction, thank you.” –

James Clark

The Teaching Was Very Effective…

I am a Paediatric Nurse and …..wanted to improve my skills by learning how to take blood. I found the Maxis Healthcare course informative and helpful.

Feeling Much More Confident …

I am a nurse from Slovakia and I have attended the Maxis Healthcare Theory course which I found very helpful. I am looking forward to attending the Live Bloods session.

Now I Know How To Take Blood Properly…

”After taking your course, I now know how to take blood samples without giving any grief to the patient. As a young mum, I was scared but now I can take blood with much more confidence. I liked the instructors very much, especially the lecturer who was very smart (and good looking.) His way of teaching was powerful yet gentle. The administration staff was also very friendly. I am going to recommend my three friends take this course as well.” –

Ishrat Malik

Will Help Me Become A Better Nurse…

“I am currently in the second year of my nursing diploma and wanted to improve my skills in phlebotomy. I particularly enjoyed the training provided using the mannequins as well as the informative tips on successful venepuncture. The lessons learned will help me become a better trained nurse in the future.” –

C. Shaw

Enhanced My Skills…

I am a Dental Nurse and the course was a wonderful experience for me.

Helped me prepare for work as a Junior Doctor…


“I have been in the UK since late 2008 and am currently in the process of getting myself registered to work and sitting the PLAB tests. To improve my clinical skills and to learn the normal practices for venepuncture, I had searched for a course to attend and was recommended this by a friend. The course had taught me a lot about the standards of Phlebotomy in the UK. The practical sessions with the mannequins were especially useful as I had never done this before. It has also given me a window into the world of clinical medicine which will help me prepare for work as a junior doctor in the UK.” –

A. Ojeme

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  • Vigrita Bisha Writes:
    Hello Dear Dr Cheema,
    I Hope you're doing well. I would like to thank you very much for the Phlebotomy Course and Training and for making a Refree for me. I have got a job as a Phlebotomist in NHS and I'm very happy! I appreciate a lot your help, and will recommend The MAXIS HEALTHCARE anyone who is interested to do a phlebotomy training courses that I know or get in touch with. Kind Regards
    Vigrita Bisha
  • Hi Dr Shahbaz:
    Dear Dr. Shahbaz,
    Thank you for all your support. The course is totally excellent. The course tutors are excellent. I will recommend the course to other personal fitness trainers who want to become Phlebotomists.
    Kind Regards
    Personal Fitness Trainer 10th Feb 2020
  • Dr. Nada Mustafa wrote:
    Der Dr.Cheema,
    Alot of thanks to you for really beneficial training you have,I feel very happy to get back to medical field while I'm preparing to register in GMC . I will recommend for all doctors looking for a work during their studies. Thanks
    Dr.Nada Mustafa
  • Dr Michael Johnston wrote:
    Hello Dr Cheema,
    I hope you are well. I was impressed with the course that you organize, the both location are very clean and tidy, the staff is very helpful and specially Jasmine.She is very professional although I have many years of experience from Colombia but I have learnt a lot of new techniques with Jasmine.I am very glad that I have met you and your stuff who are extremely focus in details, as Jasmine was with me yesterday. This course, I will recommended to any one in health department and also to people who already are phlebotomist, come for the refresher. Now definitely I will use the new technique.
    Kind Regards
    Dr Michael Johnston
  • Jan Arblaster says:
    Hello Dr Cheema,
    I had received your e-Lessons and find them very interesting. I would like to ask you a question regarding my age. At the moment I am 62 years
    Thanking you in anticipation
  • Norma Donnelly Says:
    Hello Dr Cheema,
    Hello I hope you are well and you don't mind if I provide you with some feedback, and I would also like to make a request. I really enjoyed the live blood sessions and found that although both of the trainers were very nice, Dr Hannah definitely instilled me with much more confidence. Rupal was very nice but I didn't get the same amount of information and direction that Dr Hannah delivered. After my session on Friday with Dr Hannah I felt really confident and trained as I should have been. I would have preferred to have Dr Hannah for both sessions and feel I would have benefited much more from her training style. I feel like I have reached a competent level but would definitely feel happier if you could let me spend one more session with her to bring me forward to where I feel I should be? I hope you don't mind me requesting this, I feel like I learnt my technique only on the second day so I would like to build on this and also build my confidence.I look forward to hearing back from you.
    Kind regards as always Nicola E Hall
  • jimoh kehinde Says:
    Hello Dr Cheema,
    I am finding your E lessons quite interesting and informative. Looking forward to my course in July and will be contacting the office sometime next week on how to pay my fees.